Running: 10 Mile Run, Intermediate: 1.5 to 3.0 hrs/wk

This 16-Week training plan is for the intermediate, experienced runner looking to step-up the pace and complete a 10-mile event averaging between 8 and 11 minutes-per-mile. The intermediate plan is written for the experienced runner intending to finish the event between 1:20 and 1:50. If you use the training plan “as is”, it is a 16-week program. The first week of the plan has you running three or four days. Two of the days are 30-minute runs and the third day is a 45- to 60-minute run. The plan progresses to a long run around two hours in length in Week 9.

The runners using this plan differ from those using the beginner plan in that they: - have been running at least three days a week for a couple of months prior to beginning this plan. - have the current endurance or past experience that makes running for an hour seem easily achievable. - have likely run several 5k and 10k events in the past couple of years. - feel confident they run the event between 1:20 and 1:50.

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