RW First-Timers Sprint Triathlon Plan for Runners (8 weeks)

If you're a runner heading to your first triathlon, this eight-week plan is for you. Runner'sWorld and tri coach Dara Wittenberg have created this program specifically for runners preparing for a sprint triathlon (a quarter-mile swim, 12-mile bike, and 5K run). It's designed to help you maintain the running endurance you already have, and help you to develop the swimming and cycling strength you need for the race. Most weeks include one day of rest, two days of biking, two days of swimming, and two days of running. Your swims will include pool and open-water workouts. As you get closer to the race, you'll have brick workouts (combination workouts) so that you get plenty of race-day rehearsal. You're ready for this plan as long as you can swim one lap of a pool (50 meters) nonstop and bike for 30 minutes without resting.

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