RW Run Your Butt Off! Training Plan (12 weeks)

Want to become a runner? Not sure where to begin? This program will help you learn to run in just 30 minutes a day. This plan is a companion to the book Run Your Butt Off!. It was developed by Budd Coates, four-time Olympic Trials marathoner and Rodale's director of corporate fitness, who has helped thousands of runners take their first strides. Each week includes four days of workouts, and each workout takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. The 12-week program starts with 30-minute walks, and over the course of the program, gradually incorporates segments of running. By the final week of the program, you'll be running 30 minutes straight. Throughout the plan, you'll get tips on gear, safety, and injury-prevention, plus advice on how to maintain your healthy eating habits and shed extra pounds.

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