SE - Half Ironman Plan + nutrition - Intermediate - 12 weeks

OVERVIEW: A 3-month half-ironman triathlon build plan, focused on developing power and endurance for intermediate-level athletes targeting a time between 5:15 and 6. LESS HOURS / STRONGER ADAPTATION & PERFORMANCE: This plan has been developed based on Sport-Science and time-tested techniques for efficiency. Total training hours: less than 10 hours / week on average, with strong emphasis on "quality & sport-specific adaptation vs. quantity". IMPORTANT NOTES: - Nutrition is key. This program is "intense" and adequate nutrition is CRITICAL for proper recovery and performance. - A Nutrition Plan SPECIFIC to this training plan is available. Please see for more details. - Sleep & recovery are critical for this time-efficient plan to yield results. - Do NOT exceed training recommended. This program features less hours but a much higher level of intensity, requiring adequate recovery. SPECIFICS: Sport: Triathlon. Distance: Half Ironman (1.9km swim, 90k bike, 21k run). Duration: 3 months. Focus: race-build. Level: Intermediate - Half Ironman time: between 5:15 and 6:00.

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