SEASONAL: HOLIDAY - 9 day Holiday training plan 2016 - 1-2 hours/day

This is a wattage AND HR plan for your Winter Holiday! Start this plan on Saturday before Christmas week. So, start this plan on Dec 24th. 9 days long, it's made for the athlete that has 1 to 2 hours a day to train on their December Holiday vacation. Based on wattage AND heart rate, this plan will help accomplish these goals: 1) Take advantage of some time off from work. 2) Actually improve over the holiday. 3) Pick one area to improve and then work on it. 4) Keep off the holiday fat. 5) Remember: Your goal is to get better and NOT to get injured. If you know your FTP (functional threshold power) or FTHR (functional threshold HR) then you will be able to easily follow the percentage based workouts. Each workout is described as a percentage of your FTP or FTHR, so no matter what they are, this plan will be easy to follow. Make the most of your time off and get focused and improve on the bike exclusively!

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