Seattle Quadzilla Training (Time-Based)

This is a 26-Week training plan for Seattle's Quadzilla - Four Ultra/Marathons in 4 Days over the Thanksgiving weekend. Before beginning this plan, you should have finished at least one marathon, and even at least a 50km Ultramarathon. This training is based on 2 days off a week rather than one and includes a 3-week taper prior to the race. The plan peaks at about 16 hours of running, while starting at 7 hours. Includes every 4th week as a rest week, where the time is reduced considerably (great time to add some Yoga, biking, or swimming!). The long runs on week days can be split into separate runs on the same day. Runs are defined by Time and HR Zones and not by distance. Heart Rate Zones are: Z1: 65% - 74% Max HR Z2: 75% - 85% Max HR Z3: 86% - 89% Max HR Z4: 90% - 95% Max HR Use at your Own Risk, and remember to consult with your doctor prior to beginning any sort of exercise program.

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