SINGLE SPEED Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Training Plan

LW Coaching SINGLE SPEED Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Training Plan This 12 week Base training plan is designed for the SINGLE SPEED specific cross country racer. To follow this plan you require a single speed mountain bike and a heart rate monitor. Other useful training tools are a selection of gear ratios for your SS, a geared road or mountain bike and a power meter. A power meter can be used with this plan and is a great advantage but is not required to follow the training plan. Power training (watts) guidelines are included in specific workouts. This training plan develops Single Speed specific base fitness. Rap 'n coast workouts, tuck n' coast speed sessions, standing tempo sessions, strength training, technical skills work and more are all part of this training plan. When you have completed this plan, progress on to the 12 week LW Coaching SINGLE SPEED Build, Peak and Race plan to bring your top end fitness up to a race season peak. Schedule this second plan to finish on your most important race. Visit the LW Coaching website to ask training plan questions on our forum, read mountain bike specific training articles, learn new workouts and see what events our coaches and athletes have been racing.

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