TRAINING GOALS: Faster Run after Bike Enhance run form while tired Improve cycling hill performance Increase cycling endurance/efficiency Increase cycling speed Increase cycling power EQUIPMENT/PRE-REQS: Road/TT Bike-correct Bike Fit (includes aerobars); Proper cassette size for local terrain. Access to indoor cycling trainer (Trainer can be substituted for bike on most cycling sessions). Previously established fitness base (running/biking- at least 5-10 hrs per week for at least 4wks). 7-10 hrs per wk to train cycling & running (includes opt'l 45 to 60 min swim/str. train per wk). Basic bike handling skills-- pedaling, cornering, gearing, hill climbing, aero position. Create or use current Training Peaks account for detailed online training instructions. DAILY WORKOUTS INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDE: Training session purpose & overview Warm up- neuromuscular, dynamic moves, cardio-vascular Drills- Sport specific Main Set-includes distance, timing, pacing, expected results Warm down + therapeutic stretching *Lactate Threshold Testing in WEEK 1 Plus WEEK 6

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