Six Weeks to Gila (2017) - Basic

In 6 weeks we’ll have your legs & lungs ready for the demanding stage race that is the Tour of the Gila! The Gila is legendary for it's big climbs and high altitude. And weather too can be a factor in New Mexico's early Spring. This plan will help you sharpen your aerobic and anaerobic engine so all you need to add is your mental toughness! Whether or not your category gets to go up the famous Mogollon and Gila Monster climbs, you've still got plenty of elevation to be gained in the this race. This plan incorporates plenty of Sweet Spot work to get you ready for those long grinds in & out of Silver City. The Time Trial is notoriously hilly and windy so we've included tips on "turtling" in your TT training rides so when you're redlining in on the Tyrone TT, staying tucked is pure muscle memory. There's also plenty of punchy VO2 and even Tabata work to prep you for the Downtown Sliver City Criterium with its punchy climbs. This plan builds over 3 weeks, then tapers into the race. You’ll start the plan with a 20 minute Field Test and the FasCat Training Zones worksheet to set your wattage and heart rate zones so you can train at just the right in each workout. And we’ve included the small details like rest days, race-day Openers, strength & conditioning, stretching and Yoga videos to obtain those marginal gains that make the difference between surviving and racing the Gila! Questions about using this Tour of the Gila training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: or 720.406.7444

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