Smash (don't just finish) Your Next Century

This plan assumes a few things: 1. That you have either a power meter and or a heart rate monitor for setting your zones and training within them. 2. You have been riding 4-5 hours per week or more on average. This plan will gradually build volume, but the first week will have you doing 2:00 to 2:30 for a long ride. If you are not capable of this, you may want to scout a different plan or build your mileage until this is doable for you. 3. This plan assumes you have ridden 100 miles in the past. Not necessarily recently. We will do some higher intensity training during the week once the body has been given time to adapt. This intensity is what is going to allow you to SMASH your upcoming ride! 4. Having access to an indoor trainer is huge, although not necessary. All these workouts can be adapted to the road, you'll just need to memorize the workouts and implement them as accurately as possible. 5. You will have at least one complete rest day each week, along with 2 other days that you are completing a core strength routine. The 4 days on the bike are plenty for you to progress and ensure you are recovering. 6. You can move workouts around if necessary, but we recommend keeping them as close to the planned schedule as possible. Rest and recovery are your friend and we've mapped the training load out accordingly. 7. We want you to have fun with this. All the structure in the world goes out the window if you start hating the bike. We've tried to give you enough "fun rides" and unloads to keep the mind solid. But, if you feel you need the occasional group ride vs structured interval ride, you can do that. Just don't do it too often for best results.

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