Spartan Sprint Training Plan: Novice

This 12-week program is meant to take a novice and prepare them for a Spartan Sprint Obstacle Course Race. This constitutes a 3-5 mile course with 20 or more obstacles. There are three phases to this training plan, separated into 4 week cycles. The first one focuses on building aerobic endurance and foundational strength. The second one adds more intensity with the strength exercises and the third one has more intensity and sport specific exercises. The individual should have a basic foundation of aerobic fitness, should be exercising 3-4 times per week, and should be able to run 2 miles continuously before starting this program. This plan was developed by Bob Seebohar, experienced Spartan athlete. In 2016, he competed at the Spartan World Championships in the Competitive category in the Beast race and placed 4th overall.

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