Spinervals Cycling 8-Week Pre Season Aerobic Base Building Program / CUSTOMIZED

CUSTOMIZED 4-U by Coach Troy Jacobson! By choosing this option, you’ll receive the basic training plan PLUS a 30-minute training consultation and plan customization call with Coach Troy. During the call, you’ll go over the plan week by week with the Coach as he makes modifications to the plan based on your personal schedule and other training related needs. Register for this plan now and receive a FREE Spinervals DVD, a $30 value. (This plan is limited to a few participants at a time and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Those who register will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a convenient call time with the Coach.)

PURPOSE OF THIS PLAN: The Spinervals Cycling 8 Week Intermediate Distance Base Building Training plan is a generalized program intended for the competitive age group cyclist or triathlete preparing for cycling events up to 60 miles or four hours in duration with up to 10 hours per week to commit to indoor bike training.

PLEASE NOTE: ***This plan comes with a discount coupon for 25% OFF (Reg. price $360, Discount price only $270!) the entire selection of Spinervals DVDs used in this particular base building program. This includes the following titles found in the Spinervals Competition Series: - Spinervals 8.0- Recovery and Technique - Spinervals 12.0 - Recharge - Spinervals 13.0 - Tough Love - Spinervals 16.0 - Aero Base Builder I - Spinervals 17.0 - Aero Base Builder II - Spinervals 18.0 - Aero Base Builder III - Spinervals 21.0 - Aero Base Builder IV - Spinervals 23.0 - Time Saver I - Spinervals 25.0 - Aero Base Builder V - Spinervals 28.0 - Aero Base Builder VI - Spinervals 30.0 - Muscular Endurance PLUS - Spinervals 31.0 - Endurance BOOSTER (For complete descriptions and video previews of each title, please visit www.spinervals.com.)

You can download the Promo Code document by clicking on the Promo Code workout in day 1 of the plan OR by contact us at info@spinervals.com or calling toll free, 1-888-288-0503 during regular business hours, EST.

The target race events for this program include criteriums, metric century rides, 40K Time Trials, Sprint, Olympic and Half Iron Distance events. After completing this program using the Spinervals Cycling Workout series, the cyclist will be better prepared to transition into a competition training phase, incorporating higher intensity 'race specific' work.

The key to success in this Base Building Phase is consistency. Cyclists must do their very best to adhere to the training method prescribed with 95% accuracy in order to achieve the desired results. Upon successful completion of this phase, please refer to the race specific training programs offered by Coach Troy Jacobson using his training video library designed for your goal event or acquire the services of a professional coach.

Before starting this program, please note the following recommendations: 1. This program is intended for use by intermediate level (2+ years of cycling training experience) athletes who are in good general aerobic conditioning after the post season.

2. Athletes are advised and encouraged to monitor their training progress closely and track training metrics using TP.

3. This program does not take into consideration the cross training requirements of triathletes, including running and swim training… nor does it take into account the need for strength or flexibility training. Furthermore, nutrition is not covered with this plan. Please consult with a coach if you wish to add supplementary and other sport training to your program or incorporate the StrEndurance 12-Week Progression 2-3 times/week. The focus of this plan is building an aerobic foundation for intermediate level age group cyclists.

4. Athletes will get the most out of this program if they have an understanding of their Functional Threshold Power and Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate. It is recommended that one establishes these benchmarks before beginning the program by performing the fitnes

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