Star City Medio Fondo 8 week Plan - Survive 66 Miles

Star City Gran Fondo - Survive 60 miles -Roanoke, Va. October 15, 2016 This plan is for the beginner to intermediate cyclist with 8-12 hours to train each week who wants to complete the 60 mile ride at the Star City Gran Fondo. It is made to progressively work all the energy systems so that you'll be able to survive the distance with endurance, get over the steep hills and climbs along the way. Hunter Allen, CEO/Founder of the Peaks Coaching Group is your coach along the way and he designed this plan with all of the years of experience that goes into each of his custom plans built for riders of all levels. With tips along the way, workouts to challenge you and keep you motivated, you'll arrive at the event ready to easily "SURVIVE" with the challenge!

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