Strength Training Phase 2: six weeks for Endurance Athetes: home training routine

This strength routine can be applied to any endurance athlete's training routine: CX, mountain bike, triathlete, runner or road. This program is best to do after the Phase 1 of the same program. Doing both programs back to back will set you up for solid strength and power increases! The major focus is on developing and building the major muscle groups involved with the endurance sports movements. The program emphasizes multiple large muscle exercises that can be done all at the convenience of your home. This routine is great to add to any routine. Exercises are done on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday setup. Each routine is only 50-60 minutes. The workouts get progressively harder as you build into the schedule. This encourages your body to continually get stronger throughout the routine. At the end of this training plan your core muscles will be stronger, and you will be able to transfer more power to the sport you are focusing on. In addition to this your body will be less likely to become injured in certain situations. I recommend having a mat to perform these exercises on. It isn't required, but helpful. A few of the exercises can also be used with an exercise or "stablility ball". If you don't have one of these, you can use a bench, chair or small couch to do the exercises on. A medicine ball is also helpful for some of the core work. If you don't have this, a gallon jug of water or weight can be substituted 90% of the exercises in this strength routine have media attached to them(videos) you can view/see before doing the exercise. If this doesn't provide you with enough information, try to youtube it or contact me at for more details. I picked the most common exercises to keep it as simple as possible for you! Once you have purchased this program, you will have the access to the Strength Training Program Start Up form. Please upload that and read through it to start the program up.

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