Sub 3-Hour Marathon

The following programme is devised from proven research and experience of what some of the worlds leading athletes and coaches have used and also from personal experience, knowing what has worked and what has impaired or halted my progression as an athlete. I am a current Great Britain International Athlete and have successfully coached a series of athletes via my own running club UTS Run Club using very similar approaches. In 2012 I made my half marathon debut in the New York Half Marathon running 62:59. My coaching influences come from previous personal coaches and my current lead coach Steve Vernon a former British National Cross-Country Champion and International Mountain Runner. Steve is now the head coach of Team New Balance Manchester. I also draw information from research gained from some of the world’s top coaches; Alberto Salazar (Coach to Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and the Oregon Project) Renato Canova (Italian coach to several Kenyan athletes) and George Gandy (former coach to Jon Brown). As well as adapting knowledge from coaches I have a great understanding of the sport having completed at an International level for over 10-years. I feel I am developing a strong understanding of training principles. A marathon should be treated with the respect it deserves and should not be treated lightheartedly, remember fail to prepare, prepare to fail. To limit over training and ensuring the athlete is suitably prepared I like to split marathon build up into four phases: Phase 1: Base Slow paced continuous runs Hills Progression runs Phase 2: Transition Race specific sessions Hills/Intervals Tempo Runs Phase 3: Race specific work Race specific work Tempo Runs Phase 4: Taper Target pace work Easy Running As well as marathon pace specific workouts I implement 5 and 10km training sessions into your programme to ensure you are keeping in touch with the speed work. Thus allowing you to run marathon pace much easier during the race. By purchasing this programme you are also helping to support my own athletic career, while allowing me time to focus and dedicate to achieving my own athletic aspirations.

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