SUNDAY OFF Beginner Half Marathon / Weight Loss Fatman To Ironman Series by Dr Jeff Banas

This plan is specifically designed for people who do not want to train on Sundays.

Part of the Fatman To Ironman series, lose weight while training for a half marathon.

We do a fair amount of strength training in this plan, because we want to try and put on some muscle mass to increase your metabolic rate which will aid in weight loss.

Strength training will also help reduce injuries and help your body handle the fatigue generated by running. Building your body's resistance to fatigue will allow you to run farther without slowing down.

Training only about one hour during the week with your key runs on SAT.

If you do not have time for all workouts, choose the higher intensity and/or strength sessions over just running sessions.

We are training smart and not long. Make sure you look at all the "biohacks" these will help you out a lot.

This 15 week training plan will take a beginner running all the way up to a half marathon (13.1 miles) run.

The first week starts off with a few simple 1 mile power walks. You exercise for about one hour a day with your longer runs on Saturday and no training on Sundays.

It can also be used as a weight loss plan. It contains detailed daily exercises sessions with videos that demo many of the exercise session.

This is part of the Fatman To Ironman Series by Dr Jeff Banas. Dr. Jeff Banas went from a 270 pound Fatman to a 205 pound 7 time Ironman Triathlon Finisher. This plan is part of the Fatman to Ironman Series that not only give you a new body, but also a new life!

This plan includes a 30min personal consultation Dr. Banas ($200.00 Value). You can discuss any questions you may have about the training, nutrition, supplements, etc

Are you ready for a new body, a new life? Nutrition advice is listed in the weekly goals. Every week you are give nutrition "Home Work" assignment that over time will allow you to change your bad nutrition habits and replace them with new ones.

This program includes detailed exercise sessions and videos that take all the guess work out of training.

This plan includes:

-A personal phone, or sky or email consultation with Dr Banas (

-Detailed Supplement and nutritional protocols for Fat Loss, Hormone Support, Recovery, Race Day and Performance.

- Specific exercise sessions to burn fat and increase testosterone levels.

- Specific strength exercises for injury prevention

- Combining cardo sessions with weight sessions for fats fat loss

- Cold Thermogenesis Protocols

-Fasting protocols it increase fat loss and to train your body to burn fat as the primary fuel source. (There are more calories in fat than in carbs and you have plenty of fat on you to burn for fuel)

-Detailed nutrition and supplement protocols.

-Includes specific nutrition and diet info on how many carbs and protein you should be taking to lose weight and increase your body's testosterone level naturally.

-Testosterone enhancing diet and exercise program.

-Cutting edge weight loss and recovery protocols.

-How to find, as use, your fat burning zone.

-How many calories you should be taking in.

-Examples of daily meals and a food list on which foods you should be eating and which foods you should avoid

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