Super Simple 8 Week Half Marathon Plan

The 8-week Super Simple half marathon plan is designed for beginner runners looking to finish a half marathon.You should be comfortable running 15-20 miles per week with at least a 6 mile long run before starting the program. The goal of this half marathon plan is to increase your weekly mileage to 20-25 miles per week, get you comfortable and confident running 13 miles, and to incorporate workouts that will challenge your aerobic system.The first 4 weeks of the program are designed to gradually build your mileage and long runs so you can stay injury-free. During the last 4 weeks of training we continue to build your mileage safely while also including some introductory workouts to improve your aerobic fitness. These effort level definitions will appear in your plan:Easy pace: A steady pace that feels manageable, even after 30-plus minutes of running.Tempo pace: The pace you can hold during an all-out 1-hour run. Your breathing should be elevated, but not uncontrolled or frantic.Race pace: Your goal race pace. Not the pace you could hold for 13.1 miles on the day of a workout, but your objective for the race.By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll be ready to not just run a half marathon, but finish strong. Plan written by Jeff Gaudette

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