Swimming: Fit Beginner, 1500 meter (Olympic Triathlon) distance

This training plan can be used for a 1500 meter pool swim, an open water swim or for a triathlon team member training as the swimmer. In all cases, you are currently capable of swimming 300 yards or meters without stopping. (For the rest of the text, you can interchange yards and meters.) Swimming 1500 yards in a single workout session is easy for you. You are currently swimming three days per week. The first swim workout displayed on is a benchmark to fitness and to help you set swim intervals and speeds for the remainder of the plan. Before beginning the test set, warm up with 100 yards of swimming, 100 yards of kicking and 100 yards of pulling. When you swim the 300s, aim for the best average pace you can manage. (Don't go out fast on the first one and putter out on the last one.)

Find the supporting documents you need to help you with this plan at this link.

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