T3: 70.3 Training System [BEGINNER]/16 Weeks

This is the 70.3 T3 Triathlon Training System (Triathlon Training Toolkit) which consists of: 1) Two 50+ page eBooks that will act as your users guides to triathlon, race nutrition and the program. #1: The T3 (Triathlon Training Toolkit) #2: Swimming for Triathletes 2) The "war chest" which consists of a Performance Console Dashboard of spreadsheet tools and calculators and a series of Virtual Clinic videos on a range of topics related to triathlon training and racing. The duration of the videos total 3 hours and they're personally narrated by coach Tony. 3) The comprehensive program powered by TrainingPeaks. 4) a Discount code to receive an Xterra wetsuit at 60% off as well as other discount codes. The program incorporates tested and reliable workouts and methods that have been proven successful with training science. If the program is initiated precisely as designed, at least 80% of the target peak volume is met, body composition target is achieved, then the athlete will achieve the power to weight ratio and muscular endurance and aerobic development necessary to effectively and competitively run well off the bike complete the 70.3 triathlon in 25 weeks.

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