TBC/ Ironman - Sub 13 Hour Finisher, Power-Based: Build-Peak-Race Period

This is a plan that requires the use of a bicycle powermeter, and is for an athlete looking to break 13 hours. . You should know your FTP and have zones established (using the Coggan system). For more information on how to do this go to http://tinyurl.com/29t3q6m and below Joe Friel's picture find and download the PDF titled 'Using Heart Rate, Power & Pace.' Follow the instreuctions for setting up your power zones. An intermediate-level, 12-week Ironman Build-Peak-Race period, this training plan was designed by Joe Friel using the principles described in his books--The Triathletes Training Bible and Going Long. Both over- and under-50-year-old athletes may use it. Following this plan will prepare you for your Ironman race by building exceptional aerobic fitness. To start this plan you should have completed 1 or more Iron-distance races and have a goal of improving your personal best race time. Weekly volume ranges from 16 to 19 hours with 14-hour R&R weeks every third week to allow for recovery, adaptation and improved performance. This plan is simple to follow and is written in common triathlon language as you can see by clicking on the PREVIEW. Suggestions are made throughout to guide you in making training and race planning decisions. If you have questions you may contact a Training Bible coach at www.trainingbible.com.

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