TC Olympic (B.O.D.)

This plan is for developed for the intermediate Triathlete who has completed several Sprint distance races. This plan is a 13 week performance program and “finishers” plan designed to give you the skills, endurance and speed to race the Bonelli Olympic Distance in a well trained and race-ready state.

Notes: Mondays are your rest days… you will have the option to swim on Monday's if you choose however every 4th week is a rest week without a Monday swim option (take the rest day). Tuesday's you are scheduled with interval bike sessions to increase your efficiency at threshold, hone your ability to push your own wind and tune your race pace focus. You may choose to do a group ride in place of these however your Tuesday bike sessions are your best opportunity to develop race ready bike fitness... They switch to race prep bricks as we get closer to your race and I highly recommend doing those sessions. Swims are a mix of drills and swim sets... you may add best form 50's and 100's to any drill set. Your long runs focus more on developing appropriate Olympic race base and pace so be careful with your volume as you have a lot of high intensity in the second part of the program. Saturdays start with long bikes then switch to Bricks to develop your race preparedness. Sunday's are designed as maintenance days on the bike and can be used as flex days

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