Team Oxygenaddict Ironman 20wk Level 3

The Team Oxygenaddict 20 week Ironman Training Plan, written by coach Rob Wilby, This plan follows the principles of 'reverse periodization' described by coach Rob in his TrainingPeaks webinar 'Reverse Periodization for Triathlon Performance', and is designed to lead on seamlessly from his winter training blocks. This plan incorporates an 8 week 'spring' build block, and then the 12 week 'race preparation' block. Further free resources to complement this plan including swim drill videos, run pace calculator and testing protocols can be found at under 'free resources.' This level 3 plan is our most challenging plan, and requires a high level of fitness and training commitment. Weekly volume increases from roughly 10 hours per week to 16 hours per week across the plan, depending on swim volume chosen.

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