TeamKattouf 12-week Beginner 5k run plan

Welcome to the TeamKattouf Beginner 5k plan. This plan was designed by Dr. Rick Kattouf and Cameron Dorn. This plan is for the individual looking to run a 5k and to increase his/her overall fitness. The beginner 5k plan includes running, strength training, and cross training. You will start out training a total of 3 hours for the week and this will build to 6 hours. You will have the luxury of training by heart rate during this 5k training. We prescribe run heart rate assessments throughout the 12 weeks. This allows you to determine your proper hr zones. In the attached pdf file, we outline the details of determining your hr zones. You will really enjoy the strength training as this will assist in building good quality lean muscle and strength. This will improve your overall fitness and your running. Enjoy the training and best of luck in your 5k; enjoy the journey!

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