TeamKattouf 12-week Novice 5k run plan

This training plan is designed for the individual who is new to running, new to training. It is your road map to getting started and finding success at the end of the 12 weeks. We want you to love running! The run/walk concept allows you body to adapt while giving your cardiorespiratory system time to develop without pushing your limits and making it difficult. The other components of this plan is to incorporate a circuit weight training session that changes 3 times through the course of the 12 weeks, as well as some fun run drills you can do to develop run economy and just balance your training. The week gives one rest day and several days of cross training. You do not need a gym membership to perform the exercises prescribed. You just need to be creative and have some tools available to provide resistance.

With the planning involved in this 12 week run plan, you will sail through your 5K and develop a love for movement. Why? Because this plan will make you feel great!

Step 1: Find a 5K Run Race and Sign Up for it! Commit to your goal. Step 2: Buy this Run Plan to get you to your goal. Step 3: Execute the training in this plan at your pace. Keep it fun and easy. Step 4: Complete your 5K and be hungry for the next challenge! Step 5: Repeat Step 1.

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