TeamKattouf 12-week Sprint Triathlon training program-Beginner

Welcome to the TeamKattouf 12-week Sprint Triathlon beginner training plan designed by Dr. Rick Kattouf and Cameron Dorn! Get ready for some fun...swim, bike, run, and weight training! Many times, weight/resistance training is missing in triathlon training plans. It is the weight training that will assist in building lean muscle, thereby, increasing power and strength. It is this power and strength that will help your swim, bike, and run. Plus, building lean muscle will help to increase your metabolism; who doesn't want a faster metabolism, right? This plan will take you through swim, bike, and run assessments. Following the run and bike assessments, I will walk you through determining your proper heart rate training zones. (pdf file is included when you purchase this plan; this will explain how to determine your hr zones). This plan averages 4-6 hours of training each week, therefore it is very manageable for the busy individual. We all lead busy lives, and time management is critical; this program will help you with that. If you are ready for a solid and systematic training plan, and you are ready to get into great shape, the TeamKattouf 12-week sprint tri plan is for you! I wish you the best in your training and racing endeavors!

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