The Faster Century ride in 16 weeks, 9-12 hours a week of training.

This is a 16 week training plan for the competitive recreational cyclist to be on peak form for a demanding 100 mile route. This plan is based on 9-12 hours a week to train +/- 2 hours. This program is built by highly educated, experienced, and skilled certified coaches with strong understanding of specificity, and overload stimulus principles. This training plan is based on a combined knowledge of the broad themes of century rides in Colorado. We know the distance, we know you will be at altitude and you will be climbing. These workouts set to prepare you for most of Colorado's century rides. The periodization for this event is based on a 2 week "on" period, followed by a recovery period varying on the amount of overload. This periodization is based on prior success with Source Endurance athletes to prevent over training while providing the highest level of overload stimulus efficiency in training. Each trainign block gets harder each cycle with intervals changing in intensity as we get closer to your event. The cycles all head towards a peak cycle starting a couple weeks out form the event honing your fitness in preparation for your event dates. These plans have intensity and zones based on a percentage of threshold. We know that certain percentages of threshold correlate to a desired intensity and overload stimulus. To gain the most fitness please follow the written workouts to the best of your ability in your specific zones based on your threshold. 40-60% of threshold = recovery zone. 60-75% of threshold = endurance zone. 75-88% of threshold = Tempo zone. 88-105% of threshold = Threshold zone. 105+% of threshold = Vo2 max zone. Zones may overlap and the feel may vary day to day. These percentages and ranges allow us to work with heart rate and power zones. Please email with any questions.

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