The Outside Magazine Beginner Marathon Training Plan by Hal Higdon

The Outside Magazine Beginner Marathon Training Plan:

Want to run your first marathon? This training plan will take you from occasional jogger to first-time marathoner while still allowing you to enjoy the rest of the sports and weekend activities you currently do.

Written by Hal Higdon, a former elite runner turned running coach, specifically for Outside magazine, this 30-week plan is an easy, welcoming way to build your fitness towards a 26.2-mile run. If you have a basic level of fitness, and can run at least 1.5 miles, this plan will make you a marathoner.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This plan calls for three runs a week, plus two “cross training” sessions of your choice (cycling, hiking, swimming, etc). It’s broken into two phases: the first 12 weeks is the “base-building phase” and prepares your body for the specific physical demands of marathon training. Phase 2 is the “marathon-training phase.” These 18 weeks will continue to build your mileage, emphasizing one weekly long run, as you build the long-range endurance you’ll need on race day. Each day you will receive an email from Higdon telling you how to train that day, along with helpful tips. After 30 weeks you step onto the starting line better trained than most of the people around you. If you want success in your first marathon, without sacrificing the other activities you do for fun, this is the way to go.

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