The Q: Boston Marathon Qualifying Training Program/20 Weeks

The ideal candidates for this program are experienced runners that are looking to qualify and get into the Boston Marathon and are looking for a comprehensive program that is specifically designed to get them over the top. There are several durations of the program. Which one the runner selects is dependent on how far away they are from qualifying and how much time they have. Each program has base, build and peak phase. The 20 week program has a base phase of 4 weeks, a build phase of 8 weeks and a peak phase of 8 weeks (including taper). The program is a component of the Q (The Complete Toolkit for Qualifying for the Boston Marathon) which consists of: 1) A 60 page eBook that will act as your users guide to qualifying strategy, race nutrition and the program. 2) The "war chest" which consists of a series of Virtual Clinic videos on a range of topics related to marathon running and training to qualify. The duration of the videos total over 1 1/2 hours and they're personally narrated by coach Tony; and a workbook of spreadsheet based calculators to assist with body composition, performance testing and intensity zones....etc. 3) The comprehensive program powered by TrainingPeaks. 4) Discount codes to receive a discounted endurance sports products. As a 14x Consecutive Boston Marathon Finisher, a Boston Marathon qualifier, a runner of 60+ Marathons, and a certified coach, I've put this program together a program centered around the best science available (i.e., power to weight ratios, VO2 Max, lactate threshold, slow twitch muscle development...etc). These are the methods that I've used to progress from a charity runner to a Boston Marathon qualifier. The program incorporates tested and reliable predictors that have been proven successful. The program is also designed with the target peak volume (TPV) that scientifically demonstrates success in running strong through "the wall." If the program is initiated as designed, all of the targets are hit and body composition target is achieved, then the runner will achieve the power-to-weight ratio necessary to achieve their effective qualifying time. Effective Q = Age Group Qualifying time Minus 10 Minutes Functional strength and conditioning workouts are provided to assist performance.

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