Titanium Foundation 1-4 Weeks with Email Support

This is weeks 1 thru 4 of the 12 week plan that is designed to take an already fit rider through some base work that is higher intensity than most riders may be use to our have done year after year prior to this season. Typically in the past a lot of rides would slog away for hours at zone 1 and 2 just waiting for Spring before they would unleash their intense training rides. This plan has you riding more zone 3 and 4 than than you probably ever have done in the cold months. The intensity is not body crushing, but it is work that will have you so strong as you approach Spring, then the change over to zone 5 and 6 intervals will be supported by a huge aerobic base, a strength that gives you confidence, but did not fatigue you over and over to the point stagnation. - Includes email support. Beginning email to get you off to a good start. An email at the end of week 2, and a final exchange at the end of week 4. - Contact me at paul@highpowercoaching.com or ncpowercoach@gmail.com if you have questions.

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