Train for a Century (100 Miles)

This program is ideal for an athlete that is comfortable cycling 20 miles on any given day, perhaps attends regular spin classes, and wants to complete a century ride (100 mile ride) or a 150 mile cycling event across 2 consecutive days in a respectable time. There are even options in the program for those going as high as 175 miles.

MS 150, Pan Mass Challenge, and New England Classic riders can use this program to effectively prepare for their 2 day cycling events.

The difference between this program and other century ride programs is this strategy doesn't simply provide a weekend "long ride" schedule.

As a certified cycling coach and an avid century rider that has completed multiple century rides and 150 mile cycling events, I've designed this program with daily workouts with consistent cycles of stress, integrated recovery, a targeted long ride strategy and cross training. You can even incorporate your spin classes, gym cycling or rides on your home trainer into the program.

Athletes can expect about an hour to an hour and a half of training during the week and progressively increasing long rides on the weekends.

By the end of the program in just 13 weeks, athletes will have achieved the target peak volume necessary to at minimum complete a 100 mile cycling event and ride and finish strong and in a good time. There are options incorporated for riders that are going as high as 175 miles.

With the program you'll received a BMI assessment and target calculator, and an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) table, and cycling heart rate and power zone calculators (for those who utilize heart rate monitors and power meters).

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