Transform into a Speedy Swimmer in 12 weeks - level 4 - 400m time trial in 5-6 mins

This 12 week swim training plan is designed to transform your front crawl swimming with 2 sessions a week of core strength, progressing into upper body and arms and core strength over the course of the plan You will also have a personal copy of our new Speedy Swimming book, upon which this training plan is largely based upon. You will work through each phase of the book, including catch, pull, recovery, streamlining, and have test sessions every 6 weeks, including at the start to bench mark your fitness. The test sessions will be short to measure changes in fitness and will look at stroke efficiency too. There are 2 drills and technique swim sessions per week, 2 core strength and 2 swim fitness sessions, each of which are progressive each week, so that you improve in both technique and fitness over the 12 weeks. You'll have your own training peaks account for the duration which you can then downgrade to a basic account after the plan has ended. You can upload data from a garmin 910xt or similar to track your swim metrics on Training Peaks This advanced program is for triathletes and super speedy swimmers whom want to improve their triathlon swim times. You're swimming 400m in 5-6 minutes and want to go even faster!!

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