Tri Your Best - 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Program - Beginner

This 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Program, designed by the coaches at Tri Your Best - - will take you, the athlete from the a very low level of fitness to your first triathlon in only 12 weeks.

This plan is designed to allow you to finish your first sprint triathlon in only 12 weeks. With weekly workout hours ranging from 2.5 Hours to 7.0 Hours, this plan will have you ready to complete your first sprint triathlon.

The other unique aspect in regards to a Tri Your Best plan, is that you are still given the opportunity to communicate with the coaches at Tri Your Best. Once you have purchased this plan, you will have unlimited emails to in the form of questions, comments, and other aspects of the training plan. Allowing you to communicate and ask questions freely about any aspect of the triathlon process.

Sign up today or email Jamie at with more questions.

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