Triathlon 24-weeks to your first Iron Distance Event

Athlete Profile: This plan is written for an athlete who is looking to finish their first iron distance (2.4 swim-112 bike—26.2 run) triathlon. You should have some racing experience, having finished at least several sprint and international distance triathlons and or a half iron distance race. You should have a solid base going into the plan including at least two swims per week, three runs per week and cycling at least 1 hour several times per week. Plan Description: The plan is based on 550 annual training hours (maximum hours are 16) and follows a two-week “on”(build), one-week “off” (recovery). This is in exception of the first base phase, which will have you three weeks “on,” one week “off.” During the “on” weeks, Monday’s will be considered your rest day, with just a swim and strength session. Complete days off from training will be incorporated into your “off” weeks.

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