TRIATHLON (all distances): 6-week Base Prep Phase (1)

This 6-week Base Prep Plan is designed for the triathlete coming off a short rest/recovery period following their previous "A priority" event. Base Prep is the first phase of training leading to your next A-priority event of the year. Base Prep empahsizes improvements in technique, general strength, and the beginnings of aerobic base building. Specific workouts are included for swim, bike, run and weight training. Workouts are progressive in all four training modalities. Weekly hours range from 9-12+ hours with room for adjustments for more or fewer hours to fit your needs. This plan is written as 6 weeks of training, however you can easily extend this plan for more weeks of transitional training before embarking on your more concentrated base training phase. Upon completion of this plan you will be ready for my more demanding Base Phase plans (for your specific event distance) that builds off this Base Prep Plan, or you can jump into your own base building program. Included with plan is the ability to have your questions answered by an S:6 coach via email ( Good luck! DETAILS: -Ability Level: Beginner to Advanced (adjustable by overall volume and volume of intensity) -Number of Weeks: 6+ (you can increase the number weeks for more strength/technique work as desired) -Training Days per Week: 7 (can be adjusted to less) -Training Hours per Week: 6-10+ (depending on your preference of riding/aerobic volume) -Equipment Needed: gym membership or strength equipment at home, HRM, power meter preferred -INCLUDES: detailed strength training program; detailed swim, bike & run technique drills.

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