Triathlon Base Period Plan: Swim & Strength Focus (8 Weeks, 8-10 hrs/wk), Reusable

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Designed for age group triathletes, the goal of this 8 week base period training plan is to prepare you for the start of your season training with a focus on improving your swimming and strength.

Hand-crafted by USA Triathlon-certified coach David Glover, MS, CSCS, with swim workouts by collegiate swim coach Doug Alban, ASCA, this plan encapsulates their passion for the sport of triathlon and success coaching hundreds of triathletes to their success.

The plan provides an 8-week structured and periodized training schedule between 8-10 hours per week to maintain your fitness over the winter. Each week contains 3x swims (Tu, Th, Su), 2x bikes (W, Sa), 2x runs (Tu, F), 3 strength (W, F, Su) workouts. Intervals are included each week to train and maintain your fast twitch muscle fibers. Cycling and running workouts can be done indoors on trainers and treadmills (respectively). Your weekly schedule includes a designated off day (Monday). This program can be set to start on any Monday and will run for 8 weeks.

Prior to using this plan, you should be able to complete the following workouts:

  • Swim: 500 meters or yards continuously
  • Bike: 60 min continuously
  • Run: 45 min (substitute in short walking periods as needed)

Purchase of this plan includes our comprehensive 40+ page Triathlon Training Guide, which explains how to use your training plan plus email access to David Glover at any time for questions that you may have about this plan.

For more information about this plan, please DOWNLOAD the Description Document.

Questions? Please visit us on the web at or email David directly at:

david glover coaching certifications

Please note: This training plan starts any Monday. You can also reuse this training plan in the future by changing the start or end date.

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