Triathlon: Base Period (Winter, Off-Season) Training, Phase 1: 4.75 to 9.5 hrs/wk

This 10-week plan is base training for fit athletes. Before beginning the plan, you are training approximately five hours per week. This training includes one or two days of each swimming (on your own or with a masters group), cycling (indoors or outdoors) and running. Before beginning the plan, you are capable of swimming for 30 to 45 minutes, running 45 minutes and riding 1:00. The first week of training shown on the Plan Preview seems manageable to you. The first training block is four weeks long, followed by two, three-week blocks. Training begins at 6:00 hours per week and progresses to about 9:30 in the longest week. Your longest run progresses to 1:15 and includes the beginning of lactate threshold training. Your long bike ride progresses to 2:00. Testing days are included as benchmarks of progress. This plan is perfect for the athlete looking to build or maintain fitness. The plan “Triathlon Base Training, Phase 2: 4.75 to 10.75 hours per week” is designed to follow this plan. There is a Supporting Documents section located on my main page at Please download and review these documents when you use any of my training plans. These documents give you additional information to help you get the most from your training.

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