Triathlon: Half-Ironman (70.3) triathlon race plan, Intermediate: 7.25 to 14.25 hrs/wk

Are you an experienced and fit triathlete looking for a new challenge, maybe a longer race? Well how about a half-ironman distance event? This 12-Week plan might be just what you need, read on.

You are a triathlete with experience at sprint and Olympic-distance racing. You keep in good condition most of the year. You currently swim two to three times per week and this may or may not be with a masters team. You are cycling two to three days per week and a two-hour ride is normal for you. You run two to three days per week, with the long run of the week lasting about an hour. Strength training may or may not be part of your weekly routine. A suggested strength training routine is included in the plan for athletes wanting to compliment their endurance training with strength training.

In short, you think of yourself as an intermediate triathlete with a good base of swimming, cycling and running. You've thought about racing longer distances, but just haven't gotten around to making yourself a plan. If this description fits you, this may be the plan you’ve been looking for.

You can view a portion of the plan by selecting Plan Preview. Throughout the plan, weekly training hours range from 7:15 to 14:15. This plan builds the long run to 2:15 and the long ride to 4:30. This plan includes more weekly training volume and more workout time at higher intensities than does the 13-Week Half-Ironman Distance Beginner Plan.

Find the supporting documents you need to help you with this plan at this link.

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This plan appeared in "Triathlete Magazine."

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