Triathlon: Ironman Triathlon Training Plan - Intermediate: 7.25 to 18 hrs/wk

This is the sister plan to the famous “Thirteen Weeks to a Thirteen-Hour Ironman Distance” plan and is appropriately titled “Thirteen Weeks to a Sub-Thirteen Hour Ironman Distance Race.” If it is possible to train to successfully finish an Ironman distance event in 13 hours with 13 weeks of preparation, not training over 13 hours in any given week; how about breaking the 13-hour mark in 13 weeks of training? It is that very question that inspired me to design this plan.

This plan is for the experienced triathlete, who currently averages 12 hours of training per week. You can swim two to three times per week for about an hour. You ride two or three days per week and a three-hour ride is easy and normal for you. You run two or three days per week and can comfortably run long for between 1:30 and 1:45.

You can see if the plan is right for you by having a look at the Plan Preview. Weekly training hours for the plan are between 7:15 and 18:00. To best utilize the plan you need to know your T-Pace in swimming (see the Swimming Intensity document) in the Supporting Document downloads and heart rate zones discussed in the Intensity document.

Find the supporting documents you need to help you with this plan at this link.

You can find more training plan choices at THIS HOT LINK.

Originally appeared in “Triathlete Magazine.”

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