Triathlon: Sprint 12 + 1 Weeks Complete Plan - Intermediate

This 12 + 1 Week Training Plan is for intermediate Triathletes. It includes 12 training weeks plus 1 recovery week for transition to your next goal. It is based on a three times per discipline week. The objective is to complete a triathlon in a progressive but challenging plan. Choose this plan if you have a fair base of swim, bike and/or run fitness and want not just to finish a sprint triathlon but to finish well. It is based on more, longer and with more intensity workouts than the beginners plan. Training Plan Phases: Preparation Phase (General) – Week 1-4 Preparation Phase (Specific) – Week 5-8 Competition Phase (Pre) – Week 9 Competition Phase (Competition) – Week 10-11 Competition Phase (Taper) – Week 12 Transition Phase - Week 13 For any additional request, please visit or email me at

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