Triathlon: Sprint Triathlon Race Plan, Beginner: 2.5 to 3.75 hrs/wk

This 12-Week training plan is for the beginning triathlete looking for an endurance goal. The goal is to complete a triathlon that is roughly 450 yards of swimming, 15 miles of cycling and 3.1 miles of running or running and walking.

This training plan is written for a currently hibernating athlete needing a new goal. This athlete is presently not swimming, does minimal cycling, is not running and needs some inspiration/motivation. Before beginning the program, you are capable of swimming 50 yards (or meters) nonstop, cycling 30 minutes three times per week and you may do other aerobic activities at the gym. You are currently not running and may have some running experience in your past. This plan includes a run/walk option to build your running endurance.

Please refer to the Plan Preview link to preview the first two weeks of the plan. At the end of the plan you will have the fitness to complete your first sprint distance triathlon!

Whether you use this plan to complete a competitive event or you stage your own personal event, the plan can guide you to improved fitness.

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Originally appeared in “Triathlete Magazine"

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