Uphill Athlete 8 week Basic Mountaineering Plan

This plan is designed for those who have never engaged in an organized training program or who have not done so an extended period. It is also for inexperienced climbers bound for a 1-3 day mountaineering objective. It assumes no strength training background. This plan is designed based on proven training principles, especially continuity, gradualness, and modulation of the training stresses. In order to complete this plan it is important to keep a few concepts in mind: Rest when you are tired. If you miss a workout do not try to make it up. Move on to the next day. If you miss more than two workouts in any given week, then repeat that week. For those with higher aspirations we strongly recommend using the 16 or 24 Week Mountaineering Training Plan. Following these will give the athlete a chance to utilize a more advanced periodization schedule. The plan starts an Aerobic Threshold assessment test. From this you will establish the training intensity limit for most of the aerobic base training that will dominate in the overall plan but especially in the first 8 weeks. The first 8weeks also includes a basic strength program to prepare you for the harder work to follow. Do not increase the intensity and hope to gain more benefits or to squeeze a 1 hour workout into 30 minutes. There is no short cut when it comes to aerobic adaptation. This plan has proven successful for a variety of climbers all over the world who successfully used it to prepare for moderate climbing objectives from Mount Rainier to Mont Blanc.

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