Venus de Miles 6 Week Endurance Boost! - Basic

Venus de Miles 6 Week Endurance Boost! - Basic We all want to get better at going the distance- this 6-Week Training Plan will show you how! This plan will have you gradually building up the time and efforts on the bike across 4 weeks, then you'll have some extra recovery in week 5 so you can go big in week 6! You'll be riding lots of Tempo on the bike with some hills on the weekends and some Threshold efforts by the end of the 6 weeks. There's also cadence work in here to help you improve your pedaling efficiency which will make a big difference on rolling hills! You can ride the workouts in this plan using a heart rate monitor, or you can use Rate of Perceived Exertion if you don't have heart rate. A bike computer with cadence is also handy but you can count pedal strokes & do some math if you prefer. Then all you need is a clock and some time to ride! And because we only get faster when we let our body recovery, there's rest days and recovery techniques like Yoga and foam rolling with videos to keep you on track. This Basic plan is for the rider who has about an hour 3x/week to ride M-F and about 2 hours on weekends. It assumes you've already been getting out a bit this season and are now set to increase your miles. Maybe you've just started as a cyclist and want to venture out beyond the bike paths so you are ready to go long in the Venus de Miles Ride! You're looking forward to getting into shape and maybe losing a few pounds!

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