VO2 Blaster (6 week)

This is a intense 6 week block designed to smash your VO2 system and quickly boost your fitness. You will pull up your threshold and fire up that top end turbo. Couple this with an endurance/threshold block before and a super fast/taper block after for a really complete training plan that could carry you through a season. For this plan, we are focusing on peak power output. It is best to test for this specifically rather than go off any threshold or FTP test or measurement. You can either use your best 6m power in recent times, or go out and smash a 6m test Warm up appropriately). You can also do a ramp test. Start riding at 100w and increase your power output by 30w every 1m until you crack. The number you put out at the end is your peak power. Use this for the target wattage in the intervals. In this plane we use some abbreviations: VVO2 = velocity at VO2 s = seconds m = minutes RBI = rest between intervals RBS = rest between sets This can easily be adapted to cyclocross season. Do the Tue workouts on the road and Thu workouts on a cross course or in a park!

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