Weight Training for Cycling: The Ultimate Guide Base Plan

From the popular book Weight Training for Cycling: The Ultimate Guide this is the base weight training program to kick off your strength training program. Included in this program is a 2 week transition period and a 12 week progressive base training program. While originally written for cyclists, this program would work well for any endurance athlete. This program is a 3-day a week strength training program that can be used with your cycling training. Our recommendation is to do your strength training on your harder riding days. This allows you to concentrate your hard work, as well as concentrate your recovery. This leads to bigger gains and can avoids over-training. Included with the training plan is a detailed exercise guide (attached to first weeks workouts) with clear instructions for all of the prescribed movements. While reading the book Weight Training for Cycling:The Ultimate Guide is helpful before starting this program, it isn't required.

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