Whiskey 50 MTB Race 12 Week Plan

This plan is to prep you for the Whiskey 50. The plan encompasses not just on the bike work, but equally as important off the bike work, to make the athlete strong and stable. The plan works in 4 week blocks, of a 3 week build with the 4th week being a recovery week. The plan starts out laying down an aerobic foundation, then building into higher intensities. A big goal in this plan is to prep the athlete to be able to throw down some punchy efforts and then back that up with a long steady tempo effort. This mimics the Whiskey 50 pattern of single track, to long fire road climb (Skull Valley!!). The plan will work best for the athlete who has been riding and has some base coming into it. It is designed with the working athlete in mind, keeping rides at 90min or less during the week, and getting the volume in on the weekend! Both power and HR zones provided, power not necessary but will help the athlete get the most out of the efforts.

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