White Pine Distance Training - Half-Marathon, Beginner, 4 Month Program

This is a 4 month (16 weeks) training plan with 3 periods of increasing mileage and intensity. There are two periodic "cut back" weeks of mileage and 2 consecutive weeks of tapering leading to race day. Perfect for beginners, the first period of the plan entails 2 days off, easing into a period of 2 days of cross training and 1 workout per week, then culminating in 1 day of cross training and 2 workouts per week. This plan not only ensures the runner to complete the 13.1 mile distance, but to do so with strength and speed. Workouts are supplied for the more ambitious beginner, but those wanting to ease into the plan can simply run the mileage and still finish with confidence. PLAN SPECIFICS "WU" - Warm Up "CD" - Cool Down Runners that miss weeks due to life obstacles should not stick to the plan schedule, but adjust for altered fitness.

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