Winter Base HR & Power (Gym + Run)

This plan is aimed at the rider who would like some structure to follow through the winter months including 2 gym workouts, and 1 run per week. This will ensure the body stays in good condition and will target building your threshold at a gradual pace. There is a nice balance of time to allow the full time worker to fit the workouts in without tipping the balance the wrong way. There is a mixture of bike, and gym work. The bike sessions can be done indoor or outdoor with the midweek sessions mainly aimed at turbo use to avoid the dark nights. Any terrain can be used as there is specific work in each workout to fit varied terrain. Weekend rides have an outline for you to follow which can fit in with riding with friends or a group, have your friends join in on some of the workouts to challenge each other. The key here is consistency, once you can stay fairly consistent with the plan then the fitness will come.

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