World Class Strength Training Program

Add a weight training and mobility program targeted specifically to strengthen and stretch key muscles necessary for better running mechanics. For 16 years, Carrie Lane has been writing strength training programs for elite track and field athletes of all disciplines. She also teaches a strength coaching certification specific to track and field athletes and coaches. You can pair this program with any running plan you are following. In this 6-week program, the calculated timing of the lifting and mobility sessions match your running workouts. The plan includes 4 days per week with workouts ranging from 20-45 minutes. The plan also includes 2 additional optional days each week. Features of the World Class Strength Training Plan: 1. Can accompany any training plan 2. Each workout indicates which type of run workout you can match with this auxiliary session. 3. Progressive program that targets mobility, strength, posture in runners 4. Each workout contains accompanying videos of exercises 5. Each week includes 4 workouts with 2 additional optional workouts for those with more time. 6. Each lifting or mobility session targets key concepts in running mechanics, such as glute activation, hip extension, and eccentric and reactive strength 7. You will need: a bench or step, small dumbbells or a barbell, a medicine ball

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