Xterra Finish Strong

This is an intermediate level Xterra training plan, designed for the non-championship length races (usually 800m swim, 12-15m mountain bike and 5k-5m run.) This training plan will have you finishing your race feeling strong and wanting more of the fun of off road triathlons. It is anticipated that you are able to swim at least 1000y comfortably, ride mountain bike on variety of terrain and run without stopping for 40 minutes. The swim workouts are a mix of longer distance endurance intervals, shorter distance speed intervals and open water. The cycling workouts are about 1:30 in length with 20-40 minutes of intervals and can be done on either road or mountain bike - but mountain bike is preferred. There is a long ride to be done on the mountain bike once a week. For running, there is one brick run, one endurance run, one workout of either threshold or hills and a long trail run of up to 1:20. On most days there are two workouts scheduled, with the longer ride and run on the weekends. There is also one rest day per week

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