Xterra Plan with Nutrition/Core Strength and Injury Prevention Workouts

Training for your Xterra race should be fun and rewarding! This 8 week training plan will prepare you for your Xterra race. It also includes scheduled workouts for core, hip strength and stretching workouts with uploaded attachments, designed by our Physiotherapist, Tricia Davis. Also, there are scheduled rest and recovery days with suggestions for foam rolling, massage and body work to get you to the finish line fit, fresh and injury free. Julie Cornelius, MS has designed specific daily meals tailored to your individual workouts that are easy to fix and delicious. These meals will fuel you to success for the Xterra! Each week involves workouts to maximize your time during the work week, and longer rides on the weekends to get you prepared for your upcoming event. You can use heart rate or a power meter for this program or just use rate of exertion. A GPS is helpful if you have one, to upload your workouts and keep your online diary for review.

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